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PT Beton Perkasa Wijaksana. Established since 1983, PT BETON PERKASA WIJAKSANA is the market leader for sales and rental of Formwork & Scaffolding systems in Indonesia, offering cost-effective systems such as the PERI system from Germany.

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So hurry and take advantage of this promo and save money while offer lasts. For enquiries, call our office today on: Tel: 08057633079 & 08057633171 Mobile: 09092994850, 08068194861 Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (Terms and condition applies)

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BETON W.L.L. is a leading Qatar-based company specializing in ready-mix concrete. Since 1998, BETON has cemented its position as the market leader of ready-mix concrete with 8 batching plants and a maximum capacity of 360m³/hour of production per site.

Компания Аванти предлагает бетон всех марок с доставкой в Озерах. Собственное производство. Продажа в полном объеме. Поставка в день заказа. Контроль качества. Надёжный поставщик.

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BETON is Civil Engineering Company noted at the joint stock market in the Republic of Macedonia, established in the 1947 with the integration of some small and poorly equipped enterprises. Through its continuous and dynamic progress, passing through all phases of development, it has grown into a leading construction company in the Balkan Region ...

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